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As an Ayurvedic Specialist, Jeanette facilitates both Tea Ceremony and Cacao Ceremony. These ceremonies offer a meditative experience to the attendees. As a facilitator, Jeanette prepares, serves, and offers Tea or Cacao in a small group setting. For special occasions or just to have a deeper relationship with the meditative aspect of these plants, the ceremonies offer a chance to connect and appreciate culture.


Contact today to schedule, find out more information, or book: 330-539-2113

What is a Tea Ceremony?

The way of Tea is not only serving a hot beverage. The task of preparing the Tea becomes an art form. It is an intricate set of movements, using special cultural tools, to share the story of Tea.

Serving Matcha in a Tea Ceremony in Youngstown, Ohio.

What is a CACAO Ceremony?

Sharing ceremonial-grade cacao is more than just your average cup of hot chocolate. Originating from ancient Mayan and Aztec traditions, the ceremony is a chance for people to come together and share in a cultural holistic practice where the facilitator serves mindful meditations.

Jeanette is preparing ceremonical grade cacao for a Cacao Ceremony in Boardman, Ohio.

More Information

Some nice bowls of cacao await you. Will you try some?
Jeanette is activating the cacao in a Cacao Ceremony at Yoga Element in Boardman, Ohio.

See the steam curling from the

bowls, whispering the stories of

your ancestors.

Tea and Cacao Ceremony can be

paired with a yoga class or be a 

stand alone experience. Ceremonies

are wonderful for baby showers, 

holidays, weddings, workshops, 

retreats, or as a solo experience. 


Call / Text  330-539-2113

95 E. Montrose St. 
Suite B
Youngstown, OH 44505

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