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Birth Support

What is a doula?

The word "doula" is said to come from ancient Greek and loosely translate to "a woman who serves."

Doulas are trained professionals who can provide physical, emotional, and informational support to mamas before, during, and shortly after childbirth. They are individuals who help mamas work toward their birth goals and provide support for a hopeful and satisfying birthing experience. They are not healthcare professionals. Rather, they are women supporting other women through birth, like our ancestors have done for centuries.

Let's not forget the partners.  The role of a mother's husband/partner/significant other can never be replaced. That is not the intention of the doula. A birth doula's role is not one to overshadow or take the place of the partner in the labor and delivery room. Rather, the doula offers support to the partner as well. The partner can focus on the needs of the laboring mother and also enjoy the experience of their child's birth because they can be present as a parent. 

Statistics show that interventions during labor are lower with the presence of a doula. Clinical research has also indicated that having a doula present at birth can result in shorter labors and less complications.

Doulas honor and support the mama's journey, no matter the birthing preferences. The doula comes from a nonjudgmental place and is with the laboring mother every step of the way. Doulas do not deliver babies or perform any healthcare tasks. Instead, the doula assists with birthing positions, pain management techniques, massage, aromatherapy, visualization, breathing, and factual, research based evidence to support the mama emotionally, physically, and informationally. 


What's included?

  •   1 initial prenatal meeting- free of charge

  •  1 prenatal meeting for birther, partner, or both

  • presence and support at birth

  • hands on pain management techniques

  • training the partner for labor support

  • aromatherapy and visualization 

  • breathing exercises and birthing positions

  • 1 postnatal meeting follow-up 

  •  birth education

  •  labor preparation

  •  birth vision planning

  • postpartum planning

  • general breastfeeding support

  • 24/7 email + text access until birth

Investment: $550.00 paid in full by week 30 of pregnancy*

Call today to schedule, find out more information, and book your FREE doula consultation: 330-539-2113


As is our ever-changing world, virtual options are always available. Contact Jeanette for more information regarding private or group virtual support and classes.

* Nonna, Mama, Me believes everyone should have the opportunity to have a doula. Please reach out to discuss budget or payment plans.

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