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Breastfeeding Support


Breastfeeding is an important part of nourishing both the mama and baby. Nonna, Mama, Me is here to help provide support for the mother-baby unit in this beautiful journey. Oftentimes, many mothers can feel lost without the knowledge or support to breastfeed successfully. This is where Jeanette can help by listening, offering information, supporting, and checking-in on the mama and baby.











Choose from the following packages: 

1. Private In-Home Prenatal Visit

2. Private Birth Visit (within the first 24 hours after birth)

3. Private Welcome Home Visit

Each package above includes:

  • Relating the pregnancy and birth story

  • Observing mama and baby breastfeeding

  • Advice for latch and positioning

  • Milk transfer basics

  • Maintaining milk supply

  • Sore nipples

  • Over supply 

  • Under supply

  • Plugged ducts

  • Infant Nutrition 

  • Mama Nutrition 

  • Hand Expression

  • Breast Massage

  • Pumping: electric and manual 

  • Flange sizing

  • Pumping part replacement guidelines

  • Milk storage and proper handling 

  • Skin to skin

  • Infant massage

  • Baby wearing

  • Returning to work

  • Breastfeeding and supplementation

  • Unlimited text, calls, and e-mails

  • Follow-up phone call

Time: 2-2.5 hours

Investment: Call today to schedule, find out more information, and book: 330-539-2113

Nonna, Mama, Me believes everyone should have the opportunity to succeed with their breastfeeding goals. Please reach out to discuss budget or payment plans.

In this class gathering, you will be able to learn what your baby needs and how you and your body can continue to nourish your baby outside of the womb. These small, group gatherings (10 couples), are all about expecting families and their questions and concerns about breastfeeding. The class will have hands on activities and will give mamas and their partners the knowledge and confidence to work toward their breastfeeding goals. The breastfeeding class is done in the prenatal period, and while couples can join at any time, it is most beneficial to be prepared before the 8th month of pregnancy.

What to expect at the breastfeeding class:

  • How your body makes and maintains milk

  • Baby's hunger cues

  • Baby's milk needs

  • Recognizing milk transfer

  • Latch and positioning 

  • Weight gain and diaper output

  • Focus on maximizing rest

  • Breastfeeding items

  • Taking time to heal

  • Enjoying this time with your baby

Time: 2 hours

Investment: Call today to schedule a breastfeeding class for a group*, find out more information, and book: 330-539-2113

*Jeanette's public breastfeeding class offerings will begin monthly starting June 2024. Sign-ups will be available soon. Please contact Jeanette if breastfeeding support is needed before June.

As is our ever-changing world, virtual options are always available. Contact Jeanette for more information regarding private or group virtual support and classes.


  • ​Pregnant and wanting info to nourish baby?

  • Newly breastfeeding and need extra support?

  • Questions with your breastfeeding journey?

Jeanette is breastfeeding her daughter, and the image was captured by the beautiful Third Eye Imagery located in Youngstown, Ohio.
Jeanette has personal breastfeeding experience with over 17,000 personal hours.

Lactation Support packages

Breastfeeding Classes

Why have lactation support?


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