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Motherhood Retreat

Sunny Backyard

Nonna, Mama, Me 

and friends present:



A Motherhood Day Retreat. 


July 28    9AM-NOON

Open to mamas in ALL stages of motherhood (prenatal and beyond), this morning event aims to educate and pamper moms with the recognition that motherhood is a special vocation with a cup that needs filled. A morning of self-connection, community, kinship, resources, and education all intend to pour back into the experience by normalizing the challenges of motherhood. 

You may LOVE this retreat if you:

  • Need time to "just be"

  • Long to find community with similar experiences

  • Desire community resources for wellness

  • Are curious about meditation or mental wealth

  • Want quiet time OR intense laughter with other mamas

  • Value experiences to embrace your motherhood journey

Yoga Retreat
Women Holding Hands

What to Expect

No matter the age or stage, the role of motherhood may often feel isolating or present social or mental challenges for many. This day retreat is a special time to connect with a friend or even make new ones. Designed to be interactive, resourceful, light-hearted, and fun, this morning event should leave you rejuvenated and inspired. 

All activities and presentations offered have been thoughtfully put together, and we hope you'll find value in the offerings. We also honor and respect the desire to "opt out" of any particular portion, so a quiet, meditative space as well as a make-and-take activity area are always open to receive.

Only infants in arms are welcome. This motherhood experience is truly a time for self-care.

You can look forward to:

  • an opening circle of introductions

  • a walk/run choice to symbolize the "marathon of motherhood"

  • interactive presentations from local pelvic floor therapists

  • dry-needling

  • breath work, meditations, and journaling

  • relaxing yoga 

  • fitness demonstrations and exercises just for moms

  • a meditative sound bath experience

  • perinatal mental health screenings

  • hair/scalp treatments and recipes from local estheticians

  • hands-on activities to lower stress levels

  • a sensory meditation/prayer corner

  • make & take succulent station 

  • a healthy boxed snack and hydration

  • health and wellness demos

  • chances to win donated prizes

  • a FULL goody bag including themed items, T-Shirt, and  more

  • portions of your ticket sale being donated to a local nonprofit

  • the morning with like-minded women in all stages of motherhood

Meet Your Facilitators


Jeanette Cole
Nonna, Mama, Me

Offering: Yoga Class, Meditation & Journaling,  Breastfeeding Circle

Putting together this Motherhood Retreat would not have been possible without the amazing support and connections of the others facilitating this event. Getting to this point has been an amazing adventure. After a traumatic birth 5 years ago, I decided to pursue a calling that would allow other women to be supported in birth, nourishing their babes, and moving their bodies alongside their children. Thus, Nonna Mama Me was born. Based on the birthing ways and traditions of our ancestors while connecting to modern-day research based evidence, this maternal wellness business offers full spectrum mindfulness practices to carry the individual from birth to senior. Rooted in doula and lactation support and yoga from babes all the way to seniors, the offerings encompass the namesake and who we truly are. Whether I'm attending your birth, by your side as you nourish your babe, stretching with Little Yogi's, or moving with my seasoned yogi's, I'm doing it all with the intention that mindfulness is for everyone at any life stage.

face shot 2023 - Laura Calko_edited.jpg

Laura Calko
Calko Pelvic
Rehabilitation & Wellness

Offering: Pelvic Floor Discussion & Dry Needling Demo

I entered the world of pelvic floor therapy after experiencing severe pelvic pain and trauma from the birth of my first daughter and wanting to provide the healing and skilled guidance to other women within the local community. Mothers of all stages of life often silently deal with urinary incontinence and pelvic organ prolapse. In fact, it's estimated that about 50% of women (maybe even more!) will experience some sort of pelvic dysfunction like this. These conditions and their symptoms can often have women feeling embarrassed and even scared. This presentation will provide education on these conditions along with specific, easy-to-implement prevention strategies and hands-on skills that busy moms can utilize immediately to improve and avoid these common women's health conditions. Following the presentation, I will provide free breathing and posture screens, along with direct, tailored feedback so these mamas can begin preventing and reducing the symptoms of incontinence or pelvic organ prolapse. I also provide dry needling services and will discuss benefits of it.

1981 - mandaBees headbands_edited.jpg

Amanda Chine
RYT 500 & CPT

Offering: Mobility and Movement Benefits & Home Exercise Routine Demo

As a personal trainer, yoga instructor, and mom, I am acutely aware of the role exercise plays in not only our physical wellness but our mental well-being, too. I’m also aware that it’s SO HARD for us to carve out focused, dedicated time to ourselves for self-care, so my approach for my own personal exercise program as well as that of my clients is to make exercise attainable, realistic, easier to understand, and enjoyable. If we don’t like it, or if it’s not realistic for US, we’re not going to do it. Building and preserving muscle has a lot of health benefits and is something we should all do forever, so we should like it, right? My goal is to help moms find their exercise personality, cultivate consistency, and make permanent positive changes to their lifestyle and the way we view exercise. I specialize in helping mamas reach their fitness goals with online personal training; one-on-one coaching, the same fully customized program I would provide in-person, but delivered via my app instead of face-to-face… scheduled on your calendar for you to complete on YOUR time.

20231112_074535_resized - Marci Cullivan.jpg

Marci Cullivan
Serenity & Sonder

Offering: Perinatal Depression/Anxiety Screenings & Flamingo Effect Activity 

The path to healing and wellness is within reach for everyone. Taking time and making space for one’s self is one of the kindest things we can do, and yet it can be challenging when we get swept up in the day to day of our lives. I believe that tools for strengthening our resilience, so that we can learn to thrive in the face of life’s challenges, should be accessible to everyone. Screening for perinatal mood disorders can be the first step in that wellness journey.

Marisa Howell headshot - Marisa Howell_e

Marisa Howell
RYT 200 & RPYT

Offering: Slow Flow Yoga Class for Moms in All Life Stages 

I am passionate about yoga for moms because first and foremost it provides a space for community. Secondly, yoga provides an opportunity to move through both the physical and emotional tension that motherhood can bring. And third, movement provides an opportunity to quiet the mind just enough to determine both needs and wants--both of which can sometimes get overlooked amongst everything on a mother's plate!

1 - Kim Moore_edited.jpg

Kim Moore
I Am Me Life Coaching

Offering: Breath Work Session & Sharing the Process Together

I am passionate about women being madly in love with themselves and authentic. I believe we are able to change the world with our hearts when our cups are full. Breathwork is one of many modalities that can bring us out of survival mind and transition us into our bodies for rest and healing. Moms tend to be in a giving role most of their day, and this practice can help to reduce physical, mental and emotional stress, promote grounding/centeredness and increase their capacity for love, joy and peace. I create safe spaces for women to turn their focus inward and return to the core of themselves. I guide them through the process of releasing mindsets and habits that produce overwhelm and overextension. Together we create practices that nurture self-love and care so that they can continue to positively impact the world around them.

brandingmallori-6 - Mallori DuVall Beaut

Mallori DuVall
Beauty Rituals Skincare

Offering: Scalp Health/Head Spa Info & Scalp Scrub Take-Away with Recipe

At Beauty Rituals Skincare, we love giving women a safe place to come for services. We put moms back together. We offer a variety of services to help you feel whole again. With years of experience in our fields, we pride ourselves on being the experts on moms needing relaxation and repair. Hair loss is common not only for pre/postpartum moms but also for some beyond. We help you feel better about your hair/scalp health and can support you in the process of rejuvenation.

DSC_2011 - Crew Physical Therapy_edited.

Rachael McCall
Crew Physical Therapy

Offering: Pelvic Floor Anatomy & Core Activation Activity

I love helping women feel their best throughout their transition to motherhood and postpartum. It can be a very challenging time for women, so having the support from a pelvic floor PT physically can really improve their quality of life. The goal of my presentation to provide education to mothers about benefits from PT and how it can make an impact on how they feel and function. Also recognizing that it is never too late to get help for pelvic floor issues. Whether your child is 2 or 42, you can still invest in your health! Our pelvic floor physical therapists provide a safe and supportive environment to discuss pelvic floor disorders, pelvic health, and women’s health. We have the knowledge and compassion to help support moms and moms-to-be prepare their bodies for labor and activities postpartum.

FB_IMG_1715965411557 - Ashley Schuler_ed

Shana Schuler & Ashley Schuler
Flourishing Mamas

Offering: Build Your Own Flower Bouquet Station & Peer Support Circle

We are passionate about our peer-led support group for moms because it provides a vital sense of community and understanding for mothers who often feel isolated during a transformative period of their lives. By creating a space where they can share experiences, ask questions, and receive encouragement, we help alleviate the emotional challenges that come with motherhood. Our goal is provide a sense of community, education and support for moms in the Mahoning Valley.

Maria & Calvin CFST - Maria Lallo-Wagner

Calvin Wagner & Maria Lallo - Wagner
Center for Sound Therapy

Offering: Sound Bath Demo 

We have over 10 years experience working with Sound Therapy and the community. Pregnancy can be challenging and stressful. For new parents, especially first-time mothers, parenting comes with a lot of duties that can quickly become overwhelming. It can result in postpartum depression and take a toll on their mental and psychological health. It has been discovered that sound therapy is effective in treating postpartum depression and is good for new mothers. The postpartum experience is different for every mother. For some, recovery is relatively quick and simple. But for most, there are lingering physical and mental symptoms that must be addressed in order for them to heal and continue moving forward.  Sound therapy helps to dissolve worry and fear, while helping exhausted mothers to get the restorative sleep they need. It also gives new mothers the energy and balance they need to be there for their newborns.


Kayla Aluise
Registered Dietician

Offering: Healthy Nutrition for All Moms 

I am passionate about being well: mentally, physically and spiritually. I want to help everyone find this in their lives. This goal can be challenging, but incredibly gratifying. I believe we can heal our bodies through food. One of my greatest loves is cooking, aside from my love for my Savior, Jesus Christ, and my family.  When we can create food that is nourishing, satisfying and energizing, we can foster healthy thoughts and attitude. I would love to work with you as you seek to find your true health and learn to be well. At KA Wellness and Nutrition, I provide nutritional counseling and guidance for a number of different diseases, chronic illnesses or desired health outcomes. This includes diabetes, renal disease, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, NAFLD, PCOS, infertility, weight management, IBS, Crohn's, performance nutrition and more. 

KatieGassner-23 - Katie Gassner.jpg

Katie Gassner
Growing Wellness

Offering: Succulents and Self-Care

Succulents and Self-Care by Growing Wellness offers moms at all stages—from expecting to new and experienced—a fun and relaxing way to nurture and reconnect with themselves. At Growing Wellness, we understand the importance of taking care of the caregiver. Come explore rejuvenation in a judgment-free space where busy moms can connect, feel valued, and discover peace through simple, restorative self-care activities. Take home your newly created succulents as a symbol of your personal resilience and reminder for self-care. 

Pink Flamingos

"Flamingos can actually lose their pink coloring while raising their chicks. But eventually, they get it back! When you feel you've lost your 'pink,'... you WILL get it back." 

- Lindsey Gurk


we are the keepers of a forest full of hearts.

 the tenders of its fertile soil,

the readers of its leaves,

the guardians of its wild territory...


we rest

and forget the weight we carry,

just for a moment."

- Emory Hall

Reserve Your Spot!

Pink Marble

Investment & Info

The 2024 "Motherhood Retreat: Restore," is an event to honor the role of motherhood in ALL stages:

prenatal, postnatal, & beyond.

June 1: Ticket Sales go LIVE.

Early Bird Investment: $45

July 1: Ticket sales continue at normal price,

without the early bird discount.

Regular Investment: $55


The Price of Your Ticket Includes:

  • Admission to the Motherhood Retreat

  • Boxed Light Snacks/ Hydration

  • Themed Desserts

  • Themed T-Shirt

  • Goody Bag Full of Amazing Items

  • Chances to win over 40 donated baskets from the community with various items, gift cards, services, etc...

  • Incredible events and activities like: a community fun walk/run, yoga class, meditation, sound bath, flower bouquet, scalp scrub, pelvic floor & core exercises, dry needling, health & wellness demos, fitness class, breath work sessions, make & take succulent station, automatic entry into all donation baskets AND 5 additional tickets day of to use in baskets of choice,  plus so much more.

Other Info:

  • Limited Availability (40 spots)

  • First come, first served

  • Due to the nature of this event, all ticket sales are final

  • Bought a ticket and can't make it? Ask a friend!

  • Portion of ticket sales to benefit the Beatitude House


A huge THANK- YOU goes out to ALL of our local businesses and mamas who felt called in their hearts to donate prizes and services for this event. These beautiful people have made fun opportunities for all the mamas to win something special. 

Here are where some of the donated items & services are from (this list is continuously updated as donations are received).

  • Nonna, Mama, Me

  • Calko Pelvic Rehabilitation & Wellness

  • MandaBees Headbands

  • Marci Cullivan

  • Marisa Howell

  • I Am Me Life Coaching

  • Beauty Rituals Skincare

  • Crew Physical Therapy

  • Flourishing Mamas

  • Center for Sound Therapy 

  • KA Wellness and Nutrition 

  • Who is Yo Mama

  • Smack by Karisa

  • Staircase Ceramics 

  • Blissed Out Studios

  • Chrysos Tattoo

  • Valley Little Melodies

  • Gingerly Suds & Such

  • Cole Creative Design

  • JTC Entertainment

  • Midnight Violets in Clay

  • The Mothers of Saint Rose Church

  • Lady Scouts

  • Moon Love Malas

  • Growing Wellness

  • & more...

Pink Marble

About the Donations

The Beatitude House

Nonna, Mama, Me is not a registered nonprofit. However, it is in our mission to give back in order to fulfill the calling of serving mothers. 

This motherhood retreat will have portions of the ticket sales benefitting the Beatitude House in Youngstown, Ohio.

The Ursuline Sisters of Youngstown founded the Ursuline Sisters Mission, which oversees the Beatitude House. The Beatitude House operates an emergency shelter, transitional housing, permanent housing, and food pantry to help women and children break the cycle of homelessness and poverty.

Holding Hands


Flamingo 1_edited.png

MetroParks Farm:

McMahon Hall (Classroom A)

7574 Columbiana-Canfield Rd, Canfield, OH 44406


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Flamingo 1_edited.png

Thanks for submitting!

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