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"The way to fill your life is very simple: if you want more love, give more love."

The world is bursting with color. Northeast Ohio's trees are ablaze with the vibrancy of the Autumn season.

This season brings on so many mixed emotions. The season is exciting for all Autumn events, right? There's apple picking, cider, fall baking, Halloween costumes, candy, etc... On the other hand, the season is reminding us of change: change of pace and perspective. Mother Nature is literally preparing to hibernate. The gardens are dying, and many plants will not come back. Their season has ended. So too, will our season change. We will slow down, change pace, and eventually hibernate for a time.

Before this hibernation takes place, Nonna, Mama, Me will have its first ever shop update for Autumn. We are so excited to give you a small offering for this season.

Stay tuned for this weekend's release.


Mama Jeanette

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