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Start by doing what's necessary; then do what's possible; and suddenly you are doing the impossible.

Happy St. Francis Day! Today, Nonna always made sure to get that garlic into the ground. Never plant after St. Francis Day, she would say, for fear of a bad crop. So, today was the day. We made sure it was a whole family event, and everyone had a part. A total of 100 cloves made it into the soil, and we shall see what we are blessed with come early summer next year. As I look at this photo of my Nonna and Mama in the St. Francis garden, I am reminded how much I miss the days of hearing her laugh. But, as each clove made it into the ground today, I know I could hear her encouragement in my ears.

What's so great about garlic, anyway? It's basic gold in our family. As king of the herbs, garlic has multiple ways to aid in a wide range of healing aspects. Growing quietly below the soil, it makes quite a robust appearance once harvested and used.

I guess garlic can teach us a little about preparation; it takes patience to grow to our full potential, but our presence will undoubtedly be impressive and bold. The big plans are worth the wait. "And then suddenly, you are doing the impossible."- Saint Francis

Today was full of family and memories. We hope your day was blessed with great moments, too.

- Mama Jeanette

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