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"And all at once, summer collapsed into fall."- Oscar Wilde

Updated: Sep 23, 2020

The season has changed here in Northeast Ohio, and so have we. As I sit here typing this first blog post, I am reminded about how this all began.

On a colder October morning, some 15 years ago, I was jolted with a firm realization that even those stronger and wiser than us cannot cheat death. Slowly, as years started passing, leaves kept falling from our family tree. It was inevitable, as the cycle of life must go on, but losing cornerstones of our family almost felt like our foundation was collapsing.

I became frantic with questions:

What would happen to the stories? Who would take on the yearly, traditional meals? What would happen to Nonna's recipes that she never wrote down? What was Nonna Maria's secret to her homemade vinegar? Was ANYONE at all paying attention when Nonna Margherita snuck in secret ingredients to her minestrone soup?

I started out on a path to help preserve what we could of our family memories in the only way I knew how- I learned. I started asking questions, writing down stories, and keeping an open mind to the past.

Nonna and Nonno, from both sides of our family, believed in gardening. I wanted to learn these "old ways" of the plants, so I started taking herbalist classes and became certified. The knowledge that plants have to teach us is amazing. It's awe-inspiring to me to think that most of this knowledge just came naturally to them. Although my courses taught me a great deal, it's my mother who is the invaluable resource for all things in the plant kingdom.

When I became a mother, everything changed. I finally understood the unconditional love that was ever-present in our family, and I wanted to see that continue with other women. This started my path to offering birth education and doula services in order to create a sacred space for birth like our ancestors did.

Eventually, Nonna, Mama, Me was born. As a way to keep our family memories alive for future generations, we aim to offer a piece of our hearts in modern day products and services for your family.

May our vision help inspire you to start writing down your own past to keep the memories alive for future generations.

Con tutto il mio cuore,

Mama Jeanette

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