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Nonna, Mama, Me is a generational idea to collectively connect the past, present, and future. It is deeply rooted in memories and stories. We aim to preserve those remembrances by creating the village for the support that your family needs as the role of mamahood takes shape.


What is this village? There is an age-old proverb about how "it takes a village to raise a child." This saying encompasses the idea that it takes an entire community to provide for, nourish, educate, and raise the children.


So, what happened to our villages? Our society has changed, and in the absence of this village, there is much pressure placed upon parents to make up for what entire communities were able to provide. That pressure can lead parents to become easily overwhelmed and feel lost when beginning to birth the family unit. This can also lead families to feel lack of support. With these villages fading, many cultural traditions are also getting lost.

Seeing this need in her own motherhood experience, Jeanette has made an effort to rebuild the village. As a certified birth doula, she supports families during one of the most rewarding experiences of life. Through physical, emotional, and informational support, having a doula as part of your birth team is rooted in caring and educating your family from the very beginning, the way our ancestors did.

Jeanette is also a certified breastfeeding counselor and yoga teacher. She realizes the importance of educating and supporting mamas and their families about nourishment and movement. 

Whatever your "Nonna, Mama, Me" looks like, we hope that we can inspire you with our stories so that you will create moments to remember with your own family. 

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